Wednesday, February 18, 2009

house renovations are underway--this is getting exciting

of course I forgot to take pics over the weekend of the progress, but promise to do so this weekend when we go back to take down yet more wallpaper. is truly evil. I have no idea why people wallpaper. It is not something you can easily change with your moods like you can with paint, so WHY?? these people wallpapered just about every surface in this house. Not only did they wallpaper with fugly wallpaper, they put it right onto the drywall without prepping the drywall first. so, chunks of drywall is coming off along with the glue. Granted, this stuff has been hanging in this house since it was built about 35 years ago, so I have to cut the previous owners some slack. I am sure this wallpaper was the bomb in the 70's. Now, not so much. I will have to take a picture of the master bedroom paper--if you look closely, you can find Osama Bin Laden in the pics. It is hideous and scary all at the same time! Who could wake up in this room each morning?

Then, the guestroom and the BIRDS! This would give anyone nightmares!
Of course the house is turning into a moneypit, as I predicted. My cheap husband thought we could get away with doing all the work for about $50k. Silly man. Labor costs are going to be what gets us, so he needs to double that amount. Considering the house cost us so little, it really isn't bad to look at the big picture--house + renovation costs= we could not build this house brand new for what we will put into it. So, that is all positive! If we could sell our current house, that would definitely help with the financial stress of it all though. We are hoping for a buyer very soon since an agent we met with told us that our area really has not been hit with the housing mess and houses are continuing to sell as they had in the past. All good news!


pam said...

Dropping by from Megan's blog, where you were the 100th follower.

Sounds like you are busy working on your house. It will be fun to see before and afters.

Have a great weekend.

prashant said...

Sounds like you are busy working on your house.

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